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This site has a cool logo with kittens. However, they can’t change it because it’s copyrighted. So, there is no cat or kittens and it is just an animated image. This site has a 0% malware, but your download will get corrupted. This site has some useful features such as working embeds (which can get you redirected to other websites), and rare/special edition video game covers. This site isn’t great, but nothing is perfect.

This site is not for the casual gamer. But, if you are not too worried about the download or the link quality, this site will make your gaming dreams come true. It has special sections such as Cars, Sports, MMA, Gaming, and Video Games. It has everything you need and no fear of virus. If your internet connection is slow, it won’t seem so bad. The site’s also regularly updated.

This site has a nice logo and website, and offers a massive collection of gaming content. I was hesitant in downloading anything with this site because of the site’s track record for malware, but it’s not a malware site like Popcorn Time. You should be fine with this site.

This website has a cute logo and cute games. Since the website is just a collection of games, your download will be spotty. This site is great for a kid looking for games. Unfortunately, the site has no updates.

This site has a cute logo and a really neat website. The only downside is that they require that you login to download and that can slow things down a bit. Overall, this site is great for all gamers. There’s tons of content, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and it’s not virus infected.