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The best torrent site for Windows users is some best torrent site where users can download their favorite Windows applications. The site has a very easy to use search engine which helps users to search for desired software by name or keyword.

There are more than 1,000 torrent trackers for movies, music and software which are available on various file sharing websites. This can be dangerous to your personal information because it is much easier for hackers and malware distributors to steal your personal information.

To download free apps and software on Google playstore, you need to signup or register with google. And once you are approved by google, you can download it free of cost from the playstore. You dont need to login or signup in any app to download free apps, just tap on the playstore listing and download. If youre on the street, you cant even download apps from playstore with your own bank details, so be careful as there might be something dangerous behind these free apps.

iPhone is the most popular Smartphone with features like camera, GPS and many more. It contains millions of apps which help you to do any kind of things with ease. But iPhone is not free from the virus attacks. A virus, known as scam spyware, can come on your iPhone and steal your personal information. It is harmful as it can direct you to various sites to do illicit activities. You can also be fooled by clicking on fake websites to download the virus, which could lead to data loss, malware and registration trick.

This is the next most popular website among the people. It has a huge collection of latest blockbuster movies, music and software. Similar to The Pirate Bay, KickAssTorrents only allows you to download copyrighted material through torrents. It is easier for file sharing and peer-to-peer networks to share their files with other users. It is a free-for-all site that allows anyone to download all types of software from it. But since its popularity grew immensely, it has been on the radar of government agencies to block this site. It has also been the target of massive attacks from law enforcement.