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However, downloading cracked software has more risks than benefits. For example, if the source file is cracked by the same developer, it could possibly have a virus in it, so its best to make sure its from a trusted source such as Desura, Impulse, etc.. If there is a known issue with a cracked version of software, you should avoid it.

If youre looking for some free software or games, browse through Google Play, Steam, Itch, and search for the software youre looking for. Every other website or market place is a hacked version of an already-existing site, and could include more malware in the guise of free software and games.

Google Play is a great place to go for games. Just search for them. This way, you know that any downloaded software is safe and most importantly, youll know where it came from. You can choose to install it or read reviews to find out how its working for other people.

Otakuz is a great place for games. Unlike Google Play, there is no need to install it, just download it, and that is it. It normally appears in the software center. This is your best bet if youre looking for a free game.

BuyWin, the most popular marketplace in gaming, is not only the best way to download games, but also offers the latest games and updates. This is a great way to kill some time when youre not looking for a game to play. Although its a lot smaller compared to other marketplaces, it has a large selection and some of the top games.