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This website is really useful for people on the go. It is easier to download and install movies than any other torrent site. Downloading movies is as simple as it gets; just type in the name of the movie you want to download. There is no need to download a client or to install an application since mrlimited works with your default browser.

Ive been to sites like this and seen things like this. Its a scam! I cant pass this one up. Once you get inside, youll see a message telling you you need to download other softwares to continue. Thats perfectly ok! Ill tell you what, go ahead and download those softwares first, then try to continue the download but this is where the problem starts. When you load a software to continue, youll get a message saying you need to pay this site. Because of you not paying, you cant continue with the rest of the download! thats one of the better scams Ive seen.

Now that weve covered all the best torrent sites out there, I hope you agree that theyre the best and thats our place in the top 10. Be sure to share this article with others so that they can know more about the best torrent sites. If you would like to add some more torrent sites to this list, please comment below. Have fun!

While it isnt necessarily the best torrent site to look for content on, it is one of the best if your looking for TV and Movies. Unlike most other torrent sites, Pirate Bay has different categories and you can get content in standard MP4 format and even in HD. The Pirate Bay is also a place you can access as a torrent tracker and share your bandwidth and helps other people download faster.