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This site is good for finding free apps. It’s particularly good for android users. The users don’t even have to download anything, the games are available to them from the browser. It’s very simple and easy.

Visit the websites of spankwire (we link to it on this page), , , and , and see what they have to offer. These sites usually have a lot of free software, and they are even willing to allow you to host your own program download site if you want to, so you can save tons of money by hosting it yourself. All these sites are pretty much the same, and offer very similar features. Some offer torrents, some have a huge collection of software, etc.

I personally like the Apkmodder website and have been using it for years. I like the fast download speeds and its clean layout. You can always find plenty of games and apps of any type on the site. I haven’t personally used the site for anything else other than gaming in a long time though.

Aresax is loaded with full-screen video ads. If you find them annoying, switch to the Classic version, which has none. This is probably because Aresax uses it to turn ad revenue into free games, and this causes the ads to launch more often. It also has a lot of problems. Black screen when logging in. Autoplay videos. Shows ads every 3 minutes, and there is a captcha to get into the site, but it doesnt seem to work all the time. A reset button on the front page will correct the ad problem. Old. Not updated. Poor documentation.

Softonic is on another level. Not only is it fully-featured, but it is also updated in real time, and has paid ads on one-third of the page. And they’re beautiful. If you’re already using Softonic, there’s no reason to switch, but if youre looking for a good-looking download site, you should try it. Go to Softonic and click Downloads at the top of the page.