How Crack XILS 3 ⏩

The big difference between the two websites is that FileCR is not strictly a file hosting service, they provide information about the published files and their owners, in a more or less simple way. In short, FileCR is dedicated to providing all the possible files that have been released by the developers of the software.

The other website we talked about does exactly the same thing but their service is even larger than FileCR, they’re have a growing collection of cracked software and other stuff that they have added to their catalog, which is often very useful, enabling you to get a free copy of videos, games, consoles, and other things.

Zippyshare is one of the biggest websites you can get cracked software from. Users can instantly search the database by the name of their product or developer, or even get the nirvana of using filters and narrowing down their search. They also have many other goodies such as sending links in your mail and synchronizing your files on your PC, tablet, smartphone or even Mac.All in all, Zippyshare is one of the most complete website of sharing cracked software.

Rapidgator is another interesting website. They provide a wide selection of cracked software and the search engine is very intuitive and easy to use, having a search by file name or the developer name is common, and has many filters to filter out results. Rapidgator also provides a chat option that allows you to get support from the developers and the like, which is nice.