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Interaction between the pre-adapters and runtimes

I am attempting to create a C# application to read a database and save it to an xml file. I first tried using Entity Framework and since that isn’t supported on windows phone 8.1 I started trying to use ADO.NET Entity Framework Model Compatibility and as well as trying to target the 4.5 Framework.
The error I get when I try to use the Model Compatibility Attribute and the 4.5 Framework is a “Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application on, or one of its prerequisites” error.
I saw one related question on MSDN but it talks about Visual Studio 2005 and earlier which is not my issue here. The other question on MSDN was something like “Don’t use the 4.5 Framework since it has a incompatibility with SQL Server 2008 and it has been tested only on SQL Server 2012” which led me to believe I should be using the pre-adapters in my test. However, even when I try to use the pre-adapters the error I get is still the same. What am I missing here?
Here is the error I get when I try to compile the project with the pre-adapters and the 4.5 Framework.

Error 1 Error 1: Compiler error(s) detected in ‘Derived\CompiledOutputPath\Main.exe’.

My Problem is I don’t know what to do since I’ve looked into Microsoft’s documentation and have come to a point where I am confused as to what to do?


The error you get is a bit misleading. The Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Extensions.uap.Targets file takes care of auto-



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