Kadhalar Dhinam Tamil Movie Utorrent Torrent 196 🖳


Kadhalar Dhinam Tamil Movie Utorrent Torrent 196

Kadhalar Dhinam (Valentine’s Day or Love Day) is a 1999 Indian Tamil romantic film written and directed by Kathir. This is based on relationships that . Katir won the Best Actor award for his performance.
The main characters are Tarun (Katir) and Rukmini (Tarun). Rukmini was raised in France and Tarun is from India. When they met, they immediately fell in love with each other. But on this day, she had to fly back to France. He asked her to wait until he returned to India. But she did not want to wait and, as usual, went back to France.
It was in 1999 when, if you don’t know him, then all you know is


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