Komik Lucah Melayu __EXCLUSIVE__

Komik Lucah Melayu __EXCLUSIVE__


Komik Lucah Melayu

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Pussy Galore (1962) ⏲ 1:02:24  .
Pussy Galore (1962) ⏲          1:02:24
নোংরা গলার (in Hindi). નોંરા ગલાર (in Devanagari). নোংরা গলার (in Bengali). নোংরা গলার (in Hindi). নোংরা গলার (in Telugu). নোংরা গলার (in Marathi). নোংরা গলার (in Tamil). নোংরা গলার (in Gujarati). নোংরা গলা



The NuRaas Eye for the Blind NCRS Research Conference will be held at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, October 8-10, 2017. Participants will learn how to connect a person who has been blind for many years to the modern world of sighted life. In order to navigate through life, people who are blind must learn how to “see” and connect to visual information. This conference will focus on how to help a blind person “see” and connect to everyday visual information.

This conference gives participants the opportunity to have a direct contact with blind persons to receive direct and peer-reviewed information on blindness. Participants will learn how to teach a blind person how to learn, connect, behave, and interact with the world of sighted people and visually-impaired people.

Information Session Sessions:

Session I: Free time during the conference is available for you to focus on the areas of interest that interest you most. A limited amount of time will be available to explore campus resources, attend a workshop, attend information sessions, and visit the exhibits.

Session II: The main conference will be broken into three-day blocks, which will cover topics covering areas such as:

The NuRaas Eye for the Blind NCRS Research Conference 2017 will be held in conjunction with the Heifer International Global Research Conference and Expo 2017 in Auburn, Alabama.



The National Retinal Research Center for the Blind (NuRaas) and the Foundation for Blind Education (FBE) are planning an exciting new program to help blind and visually impaired people succeed in the real world. The NuRaas Research Conference is designed for teachers, educators, researchers, clinicians, and students to share strategies for teaching students, teachers, and researchers how to effectively teach and treat blind and visually impaired people.

The NuRaas International Research Conference provides opportunities for researchers to present their current work and for other professionals to share strategies to best teach and treat blind and visually impaired people.

Other Sponsors include:

Foundation for Blind Education

Heifer International

UC San Diego

University of California Irvine

University of California Davis

University of California Merced

University of California Los Angeles

University of California San Diego

University of Southern California

University of Utah

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin Madison

University of California Berkeley

University of California San Diego


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