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How do I turn off the physics of a specific object/modifier in Blender 2.8?

I have an object that I want to use for a sprite.
However, the object keeps pinning the sprite to the floor.
I want to move it later, so I’ve added a modifier to the object and changed its type to “None”.
However, this has no effect, the object behaves as if it’s still using physics.


In your question you write:

I added a modifier to the object and changed its type to “None”.

An object’s type doesn’t have any relation to its usage of the physics. The type of an object determines things like visibility (and modifiers can’t be used as modifiers on “None” objects).
You might be confusing an object’s modifier with a object’s material. The “type” of a material (and the material doesn’t have anything to do with the physics either) is set in the properties panel of the material, e.g. Type. There you’ll find there’s a node called “type”. If you change that node’s value to “none”, then the material’s type should be “none” as well.
If you want to disable the physics of a specific object, just remove the rigid body components from the object. If you want to disable physics for the entire scene, remove the physics simulation from the active camera.

Information stored in a distributed network is typically accessed by means of nodes of that network. Various systems for accessing information in a distributed network are described by Feiner et al., in “Online Query Answering,” in proceedings of the tenth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, CIDR, San Francisco, Calif., August 1995. Prior art systems of that type incorporate routing mechanisms and access control mechanisms to direct requests received by the network for access to particular information to a particular node.
The prior art routing mechanisms and access control mechanisms are typically cumbersome to implement and require a great deal of overhead to coordinate. Further, they may make access to information in the distributed network dependent upon implementation of particular routing protocols.
Referring to FIG. 1, a network 100 is shown which

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