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Movied is an ideal software package designed to make a user’s movie collection management workflow effective and enjoyable. In order to cover all the aspects of the application, we would like to specify each feature, as well as its purpose and usage.
Movied offers an intuitively designed interface. The application’s main window appears in the form of a movie catalog, divided into different sections for each of the available categories: movie genre, actors, directors, etc. Each category features an extensive search field and the user will be able to execute queries for several aspects of the selected films, such as their genres, the number of parts, the year of release, etc.
In addition to its catalog, the application offers a big number of tools, such as the database engine, the movie collection organizer and the media manager. Users will be able to use the application as a collection manager, an inventory organizer, a database browser and a media organizer. In addition, Movied will enable users to create a database that will contain information about the selected movies. This will be done manually, by entering the titles, genres, casts and other essential information and will be saved automatically, along with the latest changes.
Additionally, users will be able to manually browse the database and manage the movie collection. This process will be executed by a selection of tools, such as by showing the titles of the movies and the information about the cast members, the rating and the genres.
The program will also enable users to access several Internet movie databases, such as IMDb, Kinopoisk, The Movie DB, etc. In this aspect, it will be possible to perform searches, add movies to the collections, access a movie inventory, among other features.
You can also export the database and/or the collection to a text file for further usage. The main window will also feature a media organizer, with the possibility to manage any of the movies and video files that are in the database or on the local drives.
Apart from the main window, the application offers a well constructed contextual menu for the selected films. Each category will feature a submenu for all the details that will be accessible for that particular film and the user will be able to access the most important ones such as the cinematic details, the actors, the directors, the soundtrack, etc.
After adding a film to the collection, users will also be able to further customize its details by adding more information such as the cast members, film genre, year of release,

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Movied was designed in order to offer people who are into collecting movies, a powerful tool for storing the vast information about their collection. One will be able to define the database as well as add a film as a project and fill it with any number of details about the movie. Since this application was designed in the way that enables people to gather the information automatically, users won’t be able to obtain the same number of details about the films that they can by manually entering the information. Nevertheless, this might be a clear benefit of the application in case of those who are interested in gathering comprehensive information about the movies in their collection. This kind of information can be viewed as a source of information and facts about the movie and its actors, directors, genres, etc. The application will enable its users to manage these facts in a more efficient way than they could by using their own memory or by using any other movie collection software tools.
After installing the program, one is required to open the catalog and select the folder where the movies are stored in order to start importing the information about the selected movies. This feature has a dual purpose. On one hand, it is a good way of gathering the movie information, but on the other hand it is also a good way of organizing all the films since it is possible to add the movies to the database in order for the information to be contained in one place.
Once the movies have been imported into the collection, a user will be able to access detailed information about the cinema, such as genre, actors, soundtracks, roles, etc. This collection of information should also be able to be accessed from any other application. If users will register the application and log in with their credentials, they will be able to access Internet movie databases, such as IMDb, Atomfilms, Kinopoisk or The Movie DB, in order to update their database with more details.
The application offers various ways of viewing information about the films. It is possible to look at a list of all the movies as well as to define a category and view information about it as a list. After the movies are listed, they will be sorted by the name as well as by the release date. The following list should display each movie and its relation to the rest of the collection.
A slight improvement of the application would include proper menus and user-friendly interface.
The application will be able to provide useful information about the following types of movies:

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The program is mainly meant for movie collectors that wish to produce a database, track and organize their movies collection. Once it has been created, users will be able to easily upload the whole database to the Internet in order to maintain its access online.
Movied videos in other languages:
While this program is primarily designed for English speaking people, it allows users to add the movie information in their own language.
Movied Free Download
In order to make certain that you have the official program and not one of the fake one, you can go to the official Movied page and download the trial version of the application. One can either do this directly from the source link, or from the official page in the Free software area.
Movied Requirements
The Movied free download supports the following platforms:
Windows XP, 7, Vista and Windows 2000
Mac OS X 10.5 and up
Download Movied
You can download the official Movied application by clicking on the following link: United States Court of Appeals
Fifth Circuit

What’s New In Movied?

Movied is an excellent software that will let you collect and organize details about the movie collections you own. Its distinctive interface will enable you to effortlessly manage a good amount of information about each film. Moreover, Movied has an excellent set of features for those who are involved into movie collecting, as it will allow one to add all the details about the movies in one single database without wasting a single second.

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Movie is a video player for Windows that has the basic features of W

System Requirements For Movied:

System Requirements: OS: Win7 64-bit | WinXP 64-bit | Win8 64-bit | Win8.1 64-bit | Win10 64-bit
Win7 64-bit | WinXP 64-bit | Win8 64-bit | Win8.1 64-bit | Win10 64-bit
8 GB GPU: NVIDIA GTX 560 or AMD HD 6870 or later
NVIDIA GTX 560 or AMD HD 6870 or later DirectX: Version 11 or higher
Version 11 or higher CPU:

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