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November 30, 2014 – Create a new plate using fiber and matrix properties. If you need to define a new fiber reinforced composite material but don’t have one. Currently, various types of composite materials are used in the manufacture of cars and other vehicles. While composites made from metal and glass have been known for a long time, they have only become widespread in recent years. Today, an increasing number of types of automotive components are being used to perform more complex functions, such as reducing weight, increasing strength, or improving appearance.

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set the new value of a property in a nested array

I have the following object returned by karate:

I have created a list of persons (p1,p2,p3…).
How can I iterate this list and set the name property of each object to “p1” or “p2” etc.
For example:
.data(“#[* 3, ‘p1′,’p2′,’p3’ ]”)

If this approach is not possible, what are the alternatives?


Please refer to the below. This works for me to set the name property of the object in the new array
Given x = {“data”:[{“request”:[{“”:”p1″},{“”:”p2″}]}]}
* def t =[[‘p1’,[‘”:”p1’]],[‘p2’,[‘”:”p2’]]])
* def newArr =,t)
* def res = new
* eval newArr foreach k,v -> res.add(v.toString())
* if(res.size()==3) {
println “${res.get(0)}”
* println res

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