Oscar Schmidt Guitar Serial Number Lookup [2021] &#

Oscar Schmidt Guitar Serial Number Lookup [2021] &#


Oscar Schmidt Guitar Serial Number Lookup

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Music Review: Oscar Schmidt Guitars – Classic Custom Guitars.

Oscar Schmidt Autoharp

The Oscar Schmidt Autoharp is a wound guitar which was popular among a number of pioneering country music artists during the early 20th century. Artists including Doc Watson, Mel McDaniel, O’Connor and Mainer frequently used the Schmidt.

Their sound was largely based around an autoharp, as well as a guitar with a steel string. These artists also employed self-tuning arrangements, which were either fixed or they could be adjusted by shifting the bridge saddle. Oscar Schmidt Acoustic was founded in 1919, and the company continues to be run by his descendants. Several new instruments have been produced since his death in 1947.

Most of the instruments are available from online dealers. There are also some affordable second-hand examples. The most valuable models typically fetch in the five-figure range.

Oscar Schmidt Soundhole Guitars

Oscar Schmidt Design

Oscar Schmidt Guitars

Oscar Schmidt Guitars

Approximately 40 years after the death of Oscar Schmidt, his grandson Paul Schmidt set out to explore the latter’s ideas.

Schmidt built the first “true” Schmidt design, incorporating ideas from the 1930s and 40s. These were the first models that incorporated materials such as birch and mahogany in place of the wood used in earlier models. These woods are softer, making for a more expressive sound.

. The JP Schmidt GC2 and JP Schmidt GD2 were introduced by Paul Schmidt in the 1960s, followed by the JP Schmidt GC4 a year later. The iconic JP Schmidt Serial Number Lookup model in the 2000s and today is the C2.

Most of the models were produced in the US, although the latest models are produced in the UK.

The JP Schmidt GC2 – a.k.a. the “Scotchman” – was a limited edition Schmidt model, produced in just two different finishes. The black and natural finish guitars are very rare, and very desirable.

Schmidt generally considered the JP Schmidt to be the best serial number lookup model. Another good model is the JP Schmidt GC4 – the C4 or “Charlie.”

When building any of the last few generations of Schmidt models, he used a lot of “make-up” wood to get an interesting sound.

This has resulted in guitars with massive sound, that are typically very heavy. They


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