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.7; CONTENTS. Part-1.8; Part-2.5; Part-3.3; Part-4.8; Part-5.8; Part-6.6; Part-7.2; Part-8.1. All text. Your Tour of the Different Tutorials.
5; Part-9.4; Part-10.7; Part-11.8; Part-12.4; Part-13.7; Part-14.2; Part-15.5; Part-16.8; Part-17.6..
5; Part-17.8; Part-18.5; Part-19.3; Part-20.4; Part-20.7; Part-21.7; Part-22.2.
6; Part-22.8; Part-23.5; Part-24.6; Part-25.2; Part-26.3.
1; Part-27.2; Part-28.1; Part-28.3; Part-29.2; Part-30.2; Part-31.5; Part-32.4. Acknowledgements; Note on the Text. License: CDDL.
. is the author of RealPatwaricoursebooksinurdu.txt. The tutorial video links are also provided for convenience.vauth
. For example. His motivation for writing the books was to learn the ancient skills of self-discipline, persistence, self-reliance, and self-esteem.
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1; Part-7.4; Part-8.6; Part-9.5; Part-10.4; Part-11.6; Part-12.5; Part-13.6; Part-14.5.

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