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Yesterday morning, James O’Keefe dropped the first video in what he hopes will become a series of undercover recordings of individuals in a variety of positions within the left leaning media. The video targets Salon.com and Democracy Now! correspondent Amy Goodman. In the video, host and co-founder of a progressive blog named FireDogLake, David Sirota, is espousing a frequently repeated platform for the left today – fearmongering around questions of threats of violence and intimidation by right-wing groups.

In a posting yesterday morning he lays out his view of how much evidence he has provided to back up his assertions and his disgust at how much the left in the media has responded to the video with outrage and fear.

I have a feeling that now it will be a no-win situation for the left. Amy Goodman is my friend, as are the folks at Salon. But as soon as I drop a video of extreme right-wing activist, Catherine Engelbrecht, I will be accused by the mainstream media of playing into the right’s hands. And the same is true of any video I drop, if it provides just one tiny glimpse into the desire of right wing groups to infiltrate the left.

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Hello Guys,   I am Girijendu. Today i come with a new video. Lets have a look on Pirates 2005. The film came into.
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Pirates (2005) – IMDb Directed by Justin Graham. With Steven St Croix, Evan Stone, Erich Anderson, Janine Lindemulder. A pirate hunter and his sexy sidekick find adventure, love and a.
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Pirates (2005) – IMDb The Film ‘Pirates’ is the second time for director Justin Graham to work with, the first being in the short ‘Born to Be Bad’ and a TV series. With a cast of recognizable and familiar faces, ‘Pirates’ manages to be a light and breezy adventure with a relatively.

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