ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate !!TOP!!


ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate

New Features of ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate
Stunning Interface
Easy to Use
Recovers Any Type of Data
System Requirements of ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 .
Total Size: 2.18 MB .

Start off, note the number of total things in the photos. We’ve seen a couple over the years.
File fichier de firmware contains three sub-files:

Now, if you didn’t download the official file above, it’s possible your download may contain malware. We always recommend buying the official version from, as that’s normally the safest way to get stuff like this.
After unzipping the ZIP, take the ROM.dat file and copy it to your Flash memory card. To do that, take a USB drive or connect your drive via a card reader, plug your flash memory card into it, and open the folder where the ROM.dat file is located.

Next, we had to send the ROM.dat file to our computer.
To do that, switch your phone to USB debugging mode by pressing *#06# (06 is the phone number followed by *#) into the dialer. If you can’t see the #06#, try dialing *#0621#. This should open up your dialer, and if you entered it correctly, there should be a dial pad that says “Turn on USB debugging” right after the usual *#06#. Press the option button that looks like a small arrow. A popup should appear, and should say “Turn on USB debugging”. Press OK. Your phone should now be in debug mode.

Now, we need to move the ROM.dat file onto the computer.
Download an FTP client such as the one listed at the site
Connect to your computer with your phone plugged in and press “open”.
Click on the file and select the file to upload. This should be the ROM.dat file.

One final note is that if the ROM is bigger than 32MB, you’ll need to use a program like WinSCP, FileZilla, or WinSCP to upload it.



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. You can recover your file from the firmware .
. For instance when you delete a folder, the directory.

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This appliance supports Windows .

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