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Name Elden Ring
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Take on the role of a knight of the order of Sanak, a society that has existed since the dawn of the world. A story which unfolds in a vast fantasy world, where the battle for supremacy between two races, the Rat and the Ratling, rages on.
The Elden Ring action RPG game allows you to become a knight and fight to protect the world from monsters and other threats.
From navigating a labyrinth and exploring a huge dungeon to battling foes and making use of a wide range of different weapons to defeating a fearsome boss, there are countless ways to experience the story of Elden Ring.
[Game Contents]
– Official Artwork
– 3D & 2D images
– Original User Character
– A wide variety of weapons
– An avatar able to change appearance
– An original adventure written by the writer of The Legend of Heroes
– High-res graphics
– Detailed 2D maps
– Postcard-size event posters
– A clear narrative and music with a multi-layered melody
■ A Fantasy Action RPG That Connects You to Others
• Networking that Stretches Around You
You can find other players who also enjoy playing the game and can gather with them online, and experience an unexpected adventure together.
• Guaranteed Satisfaction Guaranteed
The game has been given a Thorough Play Test. The game has been verified from all angles, and it will offer gamers an enjoyable and satisfying experience.
■ A Fantasy Adventure with a Long Story
An action RPG that lets you experience the story through a 3D world that unfolds.
The story takes place across a vast world, where the battle between the Rat and the Ratling rages on, and players take on the role of a knight of the order of Sanak, which has existed since the dawn of time.
Players can freely create a character, and enjoy the story of the two races’ battle as they travel the vast world.
■ Numerous Adventure Content
Players will enjoy the 3D adventure of the world and the story of the races while using a wide variety of weapons and learning the secrets of the world.
Every piece of the adventure content changes in accordance with the actions that are made, and you can undertake quests, acquire items, and raise your power.
■ Asynchronous Play
The world and other players appear as dots on the screen, and you can play with anyone who is connected to


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Playable Minstrels
  • Vast Missions
  • Dining Guilds and Inn
  • Friendly and Compelling Characters
  • Seven Pictures as Backgrounds
  • Unique Background Skills/Magic
  • Six Mystical Beasts
  • Unique Strong Character Classes and Pawns
  • Unprecedented Over 100 Magic Arts with Overwhelming Power
  • Multiple Ways of Combat
  • You are only Stuck if You Give Up
  • Included Item List:

    • VIP Executive Package[/param] – [Ace of Sundae]” – A key item for the soul called Maxima. The effect is equivalent to a Legendary Character Item. Acquire it and become a valuable person!
    • S of Sundae[/param] – These are epic items created for players who enjoy the magic of RNG!
    • Legendary Appearence​[/param] – A character that looks just like a Legendary Character Item. It will forever be the embodiment of skill!
    • Castoff Apparence[/param] – A castoff worn by the hero that is just like the face of the world! It will appear on the face of the player in the feudal world with the last in-app purchase.
    • Character Slots Promotion[/param] – Increase the number of slots in your character!
    • Deck of Character[/param] – Exchange your character-taking advantage of the limited card in your deck.
    • Color Boosts[/param] – You will look good no matter what!
    • HP Increase Packs[/param] – Increase your HP!
    • Royalty for Skins[/param] – Royalty will be given as skins of characters who purchase them.
    • Lv.x Emote Apparence[/param] – The more you level up, your own face will change too!
    • Remove Dull Apparence[/param] – The more dull the appearance of the character, the later the amount of currency will be deducted. You won’t be able to unlock these in rewards!


      Elden Ring Crack +

      -High quality graphics and the visual effects are excellent. The design and the animation of the characters are also exceptional.

      -A variety of equipment with a touch of style. The music and sound effects are also very good. I hear that the game is compatible with PlayStation®TV!

      -Both the story and the design are interesting. The various environments and monsters are interesting, and the different actions of the characters are funny.

      -I can enjoy it using only one hand or one button. In addition, I can also enjoy it while moving around.

      -I can’t stress enough the story, art, and music. It’s a game that has been carefully thought out, and everyone will feel with it. I recommend it to all those who like Japanese RPGs.

      Reasons for undressing

      -I don’t know the characters, so I’m stuck until I have a better understanding of them.

      -The fast-paced and flashy elements from other games are there.

      -I can’t see what’s happening on the top screen or on the bottom screen, so I want to enlarge the screen.

      -I don’t think that there are enough players.

      -There are characters with different outfits, but I don’t know the story.

      -I want to know more about the game world.

      -The screen is small, so I want to see more. I want to see more at a distance.

      -The new races.

      -I don’t want to level up.

      -I don’t want to fight.

      -I want to be a warrior.

      -The loading times are too long.

      -I don’t want to go through the menu.

      -I want to enjoy the story, not the game.

      -I want to be able to customize my equipment.

      -I don’t want to use Kinect.

      -I don’t want to watch cutscenes.

      -I don’t want to watch more videos.

      -I want to be able to change the sound.

      -I don’t want to listen to the music.

      -The cutscenes make me laugh.

      -I want to be able to complete the objectives


      Elden Ring Crack + X64

      ◆ How to Start play
      1. Download the official game client for Windows (MacOS or Android version to come soon) and launch it.
      2. Click on the “New Game” icon to start the game.

      2. Create a new character in the “Create a Character” section.
      3. Depending on your Play Style and Play Class, you may want to choose whether to use the weapon, armor, or magic that you use in real life. For example, if you wear armor for playing a dungeon crawler then you should choose the armor.

      4. When you press the “Start Game” button, you will be introduced to the game world.
      5. The game world will slowly be shown to you. If you want to go into a dungeon or go to an area that you have not seen, press the “Map” button. From there, you can use the “Map” button to see the map of the entire world, as well as the position of your character.

      6. You will be asked to choose your Play Style and Play Class.
      7. You can first choose the Play Style before choosing the Play Class, but doing so is not required. The following Play Styles can be chosen:

      – Armour Master: The main character is in a form that allows you to use different kinds of armor.
      – Equally Strong: The characters are well-balanced with a similar combat power.
      – Bookworm: The main character has a sharp intellect that excels in reading.
      – Martial Master: The characters show their combat skills well in a wide variety of combat situations.
      – Independent Striker: The characters are well-balanced with different combat skills and are the perfect protector.
      – Hobbyist: The characters become immersed in their hobbies, and through this, they acquire skills.
      – Scholar: The characters do not have any hobbies, and through studying, they gain powerful magic.
      8. When you choose a Play Style, you can choose from a variety of Play Classes.

      9. If you chose an Armour Master Play Style, all of the Play Classes start with the same appearance: an Iron Suit. When you choose another Play Style, it will appear that your character is in a form that allows you to use different kinds of armor.

      10. You can now decide on your Play Class by selecting one.

      11. The game world will be shown to you in real-time. When you enter


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Dragon Pearl screenshot


      Free Elden Ring [March-2022]

      1. First, download software setup file “Elden Ring Game Setup (Steam) v2.1” from the link below.

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      4. Play ELDEN RING game


      [ Player’s Agreement ]

      1. The software product and related materials (CODEX) are for personal use only and intended for one user only.

      2. I understand that the product has been freely distributed without any fee.

      3. The product may not be used for commercial purposes.

      4. I understand that the results of game manipulation may lead to cancellation of the warranty for all software products.

      5. I agree that all the information about the game are disclosed in this player’s agreement. I am aware that downloading the crack violates the criminal law (hacking law).

      6. I am aware that he/she can use the crack only after it is licensed.

      7. I am aware that unauthorized use of the crack may result in damage to the hardware and loss of software.

      8. I am aware that I should not use a third party tool to crack this product.

      9. I am aware that the author of this software has not entered into any contract with me, either legal or commercial.

      10. I am aware that once I complete the operation, the software becomes my property.

      11. I am aware that software cracks can be used to commit any activity that violates other legal regulations.


      [System Requirements ]

      PC : Windows XP SP3 (or later)

      Windows DirectX

      128 MB of free RAM

      2 GB of free hard disk space

      Customer’s Agreement

      Warranty: 30 Days Money Back

      Return and Refund Policy

      1. Customer is required to bear all damages caused by the use of the crack software by himself/herself.

      2. If the crack becomes unserviceable during the use of the crack software, NAF has no liability


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • 1. Download the Zip file from link at end of this post
    • 2. Install and Enjoy!

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    A computer system running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 or Windows 8
    Internet Explorer 7 or later
    Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later
    Apple Safari 5.0 or later
    Google Chrome
    You may experience some display issues if you use a browser that is not compatible with the Live text game.
    Bugs in the game or the server may cause the game to freeze. You may have to restart the game in order to play.
    To play, you must be a registered