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Roblox is a free online multiplayer sandbox video game engine developed by Roblox Corporation. Players can create and share 3D game spaces (generally referred to as ‘Roblox Worlds’) where they can place themselves, objects and structures. The platforms have no defined boundaries or rules, and players are given free rein to design and build whatever they want. In addition to allowing players to build their own constructions, the platform’s game play features include physics, AI, a virtual currency system and social integration through the use of Robux. Players can create a virtual representation of themselves as a 3D avatar, then use in-game currency to purchase decorative items, clothing and other items with which to customize their in-game identity. This identity can then be used to interact with other players. Roblox provides computer-generated avatars that each contain an inventory of in-game objects that can be viewed in the avatar’s 3D avatar-view. In addition to in-game voice chat, players can interact with each other through written text chat, which can be displayed on the screen of any device. In this case, the screen scrolls vertically from top to bottom, so as to allow quick and easy reading. Roblox has spawned a number of platforms and peripherals which offer a more integrated or focused experience. In 2012, Roblox released the Roblox Studio game development package, which was later followed by a version for iPad. In 2013, the Roblox Arena was released, allowing users to create tournaments and host tournaments. In 2014, the Roblox Skillium platform was released, with the aim of the platform becoming a metaverse for game developers to create their own games, like in the 1999 Microsoft Flight Simulator or the Unreal Engine. The platform was later expanded to include all of the Roblox Studio and services. In July 2012, Roblox began offering virtual reality support for its platform through the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. In December 2012, Roblox released a plugin specifically designed to work with the Rift virtual reality headset. The plugin runs in a browser, providing an immersive, virtual reality experience without the need for expensive and specialized virtual reality hardware. Roblox is based on the Lua programming language. This has resulted in a number of tutorials being developed in order to teach coding, primarily as it is a very quick and easy language to learn. Many of these tutorials are centered on using


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