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Free Stylus Rmx Full Version Free 206It is really very satisfying to read the responses to Al Gore’s lamentations about how humans are responsible for climate change today. All in all, the former US vice-president and Nobel prize-winner provoked a lot of media attention today for his stirring address to the United Nations climate summit in New York. There he rightly argued that the world has no choice but to take drastic steps to avoid catastrophic warming of the planet.

I am proud of Gore for wanting to do the right thing. Unfortunately, the speech did not give much insight into what will actually happen should society take the necessary actions. Two of the clearest examples are the role of the oceans in absorbing the heat generated by fossil fuel combustion, and the major part played by the sun in stabilising the climate.

The oceans do not warm up just because atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations increase. On the contrary, as science has shown, temperature rises and the acidification of the oceans are a direct consequence of increased CO 2. It may surprise people to learn that the oceans are crucial in absorbing our CO 2 emissions. Thus, any atmospheric CO 2 reduction policy aimed at avoiding dangerous climate change should include schemes to reduce the CO 2 content in the oceans.

Oceans already taking up around 30% of the CO 2 we spew into the air

Oceans already absorb almost 30% of the CO 2 we emit. This percentage is about to rise because of the climate tipping point that scientists have recently identified. Every extra degree of warming will cause polar ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise by more than meters over the next centuries. This will have disastrous consequences for low-lying and coastal regions around the globe. Moreover, the oceans are currently absorbing the CO 2 produced by the burning of fossil fuels. This situation is expected to become more and more detrimental with time. The oceans are absorbing around 25% of the CO 2 produced by burning of fossil fuels on a worldwide scale, and we may well soon see a rate of absorption that is significantly above 30%.

A simple comparison illustrates the important role played by the oceans in absorbing CO 2. A human breathing out of a CO 2 factory will produce roughly 4 tonnes of CO 2 per year. In the period 2005-14, approximately 535 million tonnes of CO 2 were already emitted into the atmosphere. (Bolivia has been the world’s largest CO 2 emitter, averaging per capita emissions of 105 tonnes of CO 2 per year over 2005


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.Originally published on Security Now, written by Jordan O’Neill.

The jury is still out on whether the motivation for the Aurora shooting in July 2012 was in fact a protest against the killing of Trayvon Martin or whether it was a murder/suicide attempt. (The final report in the case is due out on December 15.)

Whatever the motive, it’s clear that the shooter, James Holmes, has been a longstanding member of the violent neo-Nazi movement.

He had been studying at the University of Colorado-Boulder for three years, beginning in 2008, and was originally enrolled in a neuroscience PhD program at the university before dropping out (post-suicide) and re-enrolling in 2012 with the intention of receiving his degree. He has described himself as “an anti-government, anarchist and atheist who idolizes Ayn Rand.” He also had long-standing ties to the “al-Farabda” (dawn) student group, a pro-jihad, anti-Israel group on the CU-Boulder campus.

Nico Perrilloux, editor of Uncategorized Security Blog, has been following the events closely and has updated his blog about the case.

(Another interesting fact is that he tried to buy an automatic gun shortly before the attack, despite a federal ban on the sale of automatic

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