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Yes, Congress did pass President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, in March. The Department of Health and Human Services has begun implementing parts of the law in August, and the Congressional Budget Office will start reporting on the law’s economic costs in October.

But in some areas, a thorough analysis won’t be done until 2015 or later.

For example: How will the new health insurance markets work in 2016? Will they be as effective as Obama and his top aides hoped? There’s no time for the answers until 2015, when the new insurance plans take effect and the government collects data on their costs and benefits.

Obama and his top aides have said they want the health care markets to function as smoothly as possible, which means a series of independent studies will help to prevent any political backlash.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office is already drafting those studies, and Congress is requiring them to begin in March 2015. The data will be publicly available a year later, and the CBO could conduct additional studies afterward.

The agency could also devise its own studies to help inform decisions. “We might do that if we have a question as to what the precise impact of a particular change may be,” said Doug Elmendorf, director of the CBO. “We might also follow the agency’s regulations about what we can collect data on.”

The agency also won’t publish its latest deficit estimates until April 2015, when a new president and a new Congress are sworn in. By then, the CBO expects that the deficit will have been falling dramatically since Obama took office.

The White House also won’t release its own economic studies of the law until later this year. The administration will release a flurry of information about the law’s impact on insurance costs, but it’s unclear whether the reports will answer important questions about the law’s medical and budgetary impacts. The administration is preparing a

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