The Temptations – The Original Mini-Series Soundtrack (1998) [VERIFIED] 📣

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The Temptations – The Original Mini-Series Soundtrack (1998)

Part One (November 1, 1998) Dedication. Each of us has something that prevents us from being happy, without having it we cannot become happy, something that does not give us rest is our past. Why it happens? Why do we not feel happy in our present, although in the past we could have everything we wanted, could reach any heights? Why can’t we be happy in the present? Because we are afraid, afraid of what was, afraid of what will be. And every time we relive the past, we are afraid of the future.

Nominated for 2 Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Made For Television Movie. Release Date:, 1998. Songs: The Temptations, “I Can’t Get. For more than 40 years, The Temptations have prospered, propelling popular music with a series of. An essential component of the original Motown machine, that amazing engine invented.Get to know your vintage clothing

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