Unsur Intrinsik Dan Ekstrinsik Novel Habibie Dan Ainun |VERIFIED|

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Unsur Intrinsik Dan Ekstrinsik Novel Habibie Dan Ainun

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Your problem is a simple as a typo.

void main() {

should be

void main() {

//program works well here


Salmonella serotype diversity and antibiotic resistance patterns in adult patients with a bacteriologically-confirmed Salmonella infection treated at a large teaching hospital in Nigeria.
Increasing resistance to antimicrobials is a major public health concern, especially in developing countries. We aimed to determine the frequency of antimicrobial resistance and serotype diversity in Salmonella isolates from hospitalized adult Nigerian patients with bacteriologically-proven Salmonella infection. Data was obtained from patients’ hospital case notes and laboratory results. Haematology, microbiology and biochemistry laboratory databases were used to identify cases. Patient demographics and other relevant clinical information was recorded and statistical analysis was performed using SPSS 21.00 for Windows. A total of 156 (1.7%) patients were culture positive for Salmonella. From these, 159 Salmonella isolates were obtained from blood (n = 101), urine (n = 49) and other clinical specimens (n = 9). Salmonella typhi was the commonest serotype (n = 133; 83.7%). Resistance to ampicillin (79%), trimethoprim/sulphamethoxazole (77.5%), azithromycin (76.9%) and cotrimoxazole (61.4%) were common. However, resistance to ceftriaxone and ciprofloxacin was very low (2.5%). A total of 127 (81.4%) patients had at least one co-morbid disease. Salmonella group D was significantly more common among hospitalized patients than those seen in the private sector [OR = 1.66; 95% CI = 1.07-2.56; P = 0.027]. Salmonella typhimurium and enteritidis predominated among adult patients with a bacteriologically-proven Salmonella infection in Nigeria. Resistance to commonly used antimicrobials in Salmonella isolates was common. As treatment depends on the sensitivity pattern of the isolate, epidemiological data on the burden of disease in developing countries is crucial to guide optimal antibiotic use.México enoja alzado el visto y citó a Estados Unidos a trámite. Es un golpe para la Cas



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