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Search for characters in string C#, ASP.NET

I’m trying to search for a character in a string, but it is always returning false.
for instance
string nome = “fabio”;
string peso = “errei”;
string busca = nome + peso;
bool resultado = Regex.IsMatch(busca, @”i”);

the busca.contains(“i”); always return false


You need to escape the @ symbol, otherwise it will mean the last word.
bool resultado = Regex.IsMatch(busca, @”i”);

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Two Boulder men are accused of stealing more than $2,000 in merchandise from Walmart last month.

According to police, Daniel Tillotson and Jason Anderson were involved in a shoplifting incident that took place at the Boulder store on April 3rd.

On Friday, police say Tillotson and Anderson tried to steal items from another Walmart store. They allegedly put the stolen merchandise into a vehicle and drove to the original Walmart store, where they got cash back. They loaded up the vehicle with the money and drove away.

The driver of the vehicle reportedly watched as police spotted the vehicle and attempted to flee.

During a search of the vehicle, police say they found and seized a Walmart gift card that they determined was stolen.

Anderson and Tillotson were arrested and face charges of first-degree theft and attempted felony eluding a peace officer.Hello, I am a Librarian Assistant with the Thom McAn Library at UNCC, and I want to bring up the question that all the new internet searches and the such are having a huge impact on all the libraries. We all talk about the digital divide and how the public library is not equipped to provide modern services. Honestly, as a trained librarian we should be able to see that the basis of the public library is complete literacy. Once that foundation is built to the strength of modern times, then the library will be able to have a more relevant role. Not just a place to go to find the newest movie trailer. Where we can also find books, magazines, audio books, and have a research piece that our own students can also benefit from. We are losing traditional works to the new

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