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I’m using Windows 7 32bit, the program should be compatible with 32bits and 64bits, why is this happening?


32 bits architecture are not able to use 64 bits version of some library.
Run installers in compatibility mode and see what it says.

If it says that it will install 64 bits version, choose yes to install the 64 bits version, otherwise you would have to re-compile the dlls and re-link them.


How to find country code in the list?

Given a List of countries I want to get the country code of the country that match the pattern.
So if the pattern is ‘SJA’ and the list is {“South Africa”, “South Korea”, “Singapore”, “Sweden”, “China”} then I want to find South Korea.
What is the best way to do this in python?


You can find a lookup for the best way to do this. Then you can either just use a dict and lookup the country or build something yourself. I am going to be lazy and just use the dict lookup.
from collections import defaultdict

def findCountry(fuzzyMatch):
“””From a string of bits this returns the country matching the pattern.”””

options = [
”.join(list(part)[::-1]) for part in fuzzyMatch.split()

for option in options:
country = [c for c in options if option == c]
if country:

return {‘country’: country[0]}

print findCountry(‘SJA’)
# {‘country’: ‘South Korea’}

Once you have the dictionary, accessing the country is as simple as this:
import copy

def countryAtIndex(country, index):
“””From a dict return the country at an index.”””

return copy.copy(country)

assert countryAtIndex(findCountry(‘SJA’).get(‘country’), 0) == ‘South Korea’
assert countryAtIndex(findCountry(‘S

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